care guide

Care Guide

If you are careful to wash your new BJJ kimono in the correct way we hope that it will serve you well for years to come. Washing your Faixa Preta kimono before it is used for the first time will increase the life of your gi, a kimono that has not been washed has not reached it's full strength so please, wash your gi before using it. Never dry your gi in a tumble dryer as it may shrink dramatically and damage the rubber inside the collar. Always wash your gi after each training session, leaving it soaked in sweat in the bottom of your bag will reduce the strength of the fabric and reduce the life of your gi. The way in which you wash and dry your Faixa Preta kimono will dramatically affect the life and size of your gi. We have built a degree of shrinkage (approx 10%) into our kimonos which will occur gradually over time when washing at 30 degrees or less although it is possible to accelerate this process by washing hotter, a 60 degree wash will have a noticeable effect and a 90 degree or higher wash may shrink your gi considerably. We advise you to wash the kimono several times before attempting to shrink it and you do so entirely at your own risk. The best way to dry a gi is to hang it in the sun, if this is not possible then we suggest drying over a radiator or just hang it on the back of a chair. If you use a tumble dryer you may cause excess shrinkage or damage the collar. If you are purchasing a coloured kimono it is advisable to seal the colour using a quality colourfast product or some colour leakage may occur.